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Did Somebody Say Free Coffee?

A group of students pose covered in temporary tattoos from Mugshots

That my friends and I really love Mugshots is clearly an understatement.

How do most college students make it through the hectic week of classes, work, and studying? Coffee. What is a great way to relieve stress and have fun with friends? Music. Where is there a great place to hang out with friends every Thursday night in Winona and where you can win awesome prizes and hear fantastic music? At Mugshots on West Campus!

Mugshots is a student-organized coffee shop that spotlights local talent from Winona State every Thursday night.

Usually the students in charge organize fun themes to get everyone excited for the band or vocalists who will perform that night. Mugshots is always looking for new and upcoming talented musicians and vocalists to stand in the spotlight on the stage at Mugshots. Students can request information by emailing

Not only are there great performances but real musicians, but there are also karaoke nights! Students who live on West Campus can sing for house points! Mugshots has also had poetry nights where students can read their best pieces.

There are also silly contests. One time I went there was a contest to see who could put on the most tattoos before the night was over. My friends decided it was a great idea, so we applied hundreds of tattoos by the end of the night between the three of us. It was a terrible choice because it was so hard to get off, but we had a great time anyway! We also won a free Mugshots t-shirt!

Unfortunately, the semester is coming to a close and so is Mugshots. Don’t worry though! Mugshots still has one more week of fun. This Thursday, Mugshots is putting on a Winter Wonderland theme with karaoke! Snacks will be provided by Chartwells and who doesn’t love a good snack with a great performance? Doors open at 8pm and get there early to snag a table!


I can’t think of a better study-break before heading back to the library for the rest of the night. Everyone loves coffee, free music, treats, prizes and games, right? Grab some friends and have a blast every Thursday for FREE at Mugshots!

–Ashley Koeller

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