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If You Plan It, They Will Come

"Pimp My Room" event banner

RHA’s popular “Pimp My Room” contest just ended. See the Top 10 here.

Event planning was the first draw of life in Housing and Residence Life that attracted me—the catalyst for my (and many other people’s) involvement. While back in my day it was known as “programming,” the term “program” has since been involuntarily placed in the witness protection program and shipped off to Guam or some other far away place along with its partners-in-crime, “dorm” and “residents.”  We now plan events for the students living in our residence halls, and while these strict lingo rules may seem unnecessary, they are not without purpose. We now “plan events” to go along with the positive connotations of living in a homey residence hall—and boy, oh boy, do we plan them!

How anyone going to WSU could complain that there’s nothing to do at this school amazes me. During any given week, there are dozens of events occurring in every hall across campus, in addition to the hundreds of events independently coordinated by other clubs and organizations.  The last couple of weeks, thousands of students have been participating in one way or another with the Residence Housing Association’s current event: Pimp My Room–Winona Style!​ Students living in the residence halls had three weeks to swank-ify their rooms and submit them to RHA, upon which the top ten out of thirty rooms were selected based on creativity, space efficiency, organization and WSU pride. These were then displayed on Facebook and upon which the votes have been pouring in! Our Executive Board for RHA couldn’t help but notify each other excitedly to see over 3,000 votes on the first day alone (and sympathize with our VP of PR and Marketing, who had to experience with each and every FB notification…).

It is moments like these that remind us of the power of event planning to do more than entertain—they bring us together. The activities, along with the lingo, are vital to the collaborative creation of our interconnected community here at WSU. You are part of that community and, whether it’s participating in events or going to hall council meetings, isn’t it time you took a part too?

–Bethany Stavran

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