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6 Important Tips For Your Freshman Year

​If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume you are a new student looking for some advice, so welcome to Winona State University! When you first arrive on campus you will be met by many smiling faces, willing to help your transition to college life go smoothly. These people will include orientation leaders, club members, advisors, professors, Resident Assistants and the rest of the housing staff.

Me surviving new student move-in day my second year as an RA.

Me after surviving new student move-in day my second year as an RA.

Three of my college years were spent heavily involved in Housing and Residence Life, and two of those years I was a Resident Assistant in WSU’s female hall, Sheehan. From being one of the first people incoming freshmen interact with and getting to guide and observe them through orientation week and their freshman year, I have learned a few pieces of advice and can provide guidance. So, here are some behind-the-scenes tips from a former Resident Assistant to help incoming freshman survive all that is part of transitioning to college:

1) Keep a positive attitude during this transition time! It will make a difference. Trust me, I know it can be a scary and overwhelming time. I know it is probably hot in your residence hall. I know moving in can be exhausting. But think of what a privilege it is to get to go to a university and the exciting changes and experiences that are ahead!

2) Don’t go into college with the expectation that your roommate is going to be your best friend. Although, I had a great experience with my roommate from my freshman year, as an RA I observed situations that weren’t similar to my own. So, all I’m saying is not to get your hopes up and accept whatever relationship you have with your roommate. As long as you can openly communicate and live with one another, that is all you need. You WILL meet other people outside of your room so don’t feel like your roommate is your only chance at making a lifelong friendship.

3) Speaking of making friendships, don’t limit yourself to where you may find them. During orientation week and the first few weeks on campus, it feels like you’re constantly meeting new people. I recall meeting new people in the bathroom while brushing my teeth, in line at the caf for food, and other random places. I met one of my closest friends during the first day of orientation; we bonded over our mutual love for the band The Script. So, always keep an open mind and be ready to meet new people and friends around every corner!

4) When meeting new people, share information about yourself that will make them remember you. This  tip piggybacks off of the last. During this time of meeting people, everyone is so quick to ask or share majors, hometowns and where they are living on campus. Amidst all of that basic information, stand out by sharing some more unique facts about yourself! For example, my best friend from freshman year and I bonded over our love for the book The Host by Stephenie Meyer. Who knows, maybe by sharing your favorite band or book or movie with someone you will spark a connection and make a friend for life.

5) Get involved in things right away! Whether it is a club or organization on or off campus, it is easier to get involved in something NOW when there are going to be other new people also joining rather than convincing yourself to go halfway through the year. For example, if you are interested in becoming an Resident Assistant or being involved in Housing and Residence Life, becoming a member of your hall’s Hall Council is a great place to start! In addition to getting involved in out-of-class activities, get involved IN your classes! By that I mean DO NOT SKIP (you’re paying good money for the classes you’re in so why would you skip?), participate in class by raising your hand and being attentive, and take advantage of your professor’s office hours.

6) Lastly, don’t forget that your Resident Assistant is a regular student just like you, who just wants to get to know and help you. They aren’t there to judge you and they don’t like getting people “in trouble.” So, when you see your Resident Assistant around your hall or around campus, be just as polite/nice to them as they are to you, ask them about their life and how they are doing. Trust me, it will mean a lot to them! During my two years as a Resident Assistant I had countless one-sided conversations, that at times, felt more like a tiring game of 20 questions.

My freshman roommate and I have remained great friends over the years! This picture was taken when she visited me in Sheehan, where I was an RA. Remember to be open to new relationships during your first month or so here at WSU!

My freshman roommate and I have remained great friends over the years! This picture was taken when she visited me in Sheehan, where I was an RA. Remember to be open to new relationships during your first month or so here at WSU and put yourself out there a little!

Dana Scott

Find Your Home During Welcome Week

“What’s your name again?”

 “Where are you from?”

 “What’s your major?”

“Where am I going?!”

And the list continues. Throughout Welcome Week (beginning August 16), I guarantee you will ask and be asked these questions many, many, many times. It is my advice to new students to mentally prepare yourself now to answer these and other questions over and over and over again next week.

You see, Welcome Week is a jam-packed week that is designed to educate and create an inviting atmosphere for incoming freshman and new students. With that being said, one of the best ways to make someone feel welcomed is to get them CONNECTED. Forming connections is also known as networking or meeting new people. Therefore, you will meet tons of new people. And when I say tons, I mean tons. For those of us that sometimes refer to ourselves as introverts, we would agree that does not sound appealing whatsoever. I can say that although I consider myself both an extrovert and an introvert, and as challenging and overwhelming as Welcome Week was at times, it was all worth it.

I made some of my greatest friends freshmen year by trying new things and getting active!

I made some of my greatest friends freshman year by trying new things and getting active!

Had I not participated in all of the activities and events WSU had scheduled during Welcome Week, I would not have had the amazing freshman year as I did. In addition, I would not have met the amazing friends I have today had I chosen to stay confined within my little introvert bubble during Welcome Week. I know it may sound a bit scary to take that step outside of your own little personal bubble, but it’s actually really quite simple, and not as bad as you think it might be. All it took to take a step outside of my bubble was working up the boldness to simply introduce myself to the person sitting beside me during orientation class, or randomly sparking up a conversation with someone in the middle of campus. That is literally all I did each day, and at the end of the week, I had met so many amazing people; I learned about many different things going on around campus that I never would have discovered on my own, and the best part, I found HOME.

This is my story of finding home: It was the second day on campus when I found myself by the gazebo, attempting to find my orientation class, yet completely and hopelessly lost. This is when a group of girls approached me and asked if I was in need of a finger to point me in the right direction. How could I say no? (As embarrassed as I was to admit that I was lost on such a small campus…) As it turns out, the girls I met on campus that day didn’t just become familiar faces on campus, they became my family. Those girls ended up belonging to a campus ministry called Chi Alpha, and throughout our little conversation by the gazebo, they began to tell me about a pig roast they were hosting at the end of the week, and they encouraged me to come. Not only was I not about to turn down free directions, but I also wasn’t about to turn down free food! So, I went to the pig roast, met many other amazing and awe-inspiring people, joined their media ministry team as a videographer, and the rest is history.

Put yourself out there and meet your future best friends this upcoming Welcome Week!

Put yourself out there and meet your future best friends this upcoming Welcome Week!

The reason I chose to share my personal Welcome Week experience with all of you is because I want to encourage you to step outside of your comfort zones and put your introvert titles behind you for just this ONE week. I want to encourage you to do this because it is SO worth it and believe me when I say this week could set the course for the rest of your college career. But, the choice is yours. What you get out of it is what you choose to make it. If you choose to sit in your dorm room all week, well, don’t expect to do much more than that the rest of the semester. However, if you choose to attend the extra events WSU has scheduled for you, you could meet someone, join a club, or maybe even discover something that you may not have discovered otherwise.

Here are some afternoon activity options WSU is offering next week:

Wednesday, Aug. 17 – Comedy show in the Harriet-Johnson Auditorium of Somsen at 7:30pm and 9:30pm.

Thursday, Aug. 18 – IWC Scavenger Hunt at 3:30pm

Friday, Aug. 19 – “Downtown Winona Walking Tours & Treats” beginning at the Gazebo at 1pm, bonfire and outdoor games at 6pm on main campus, and Bingo Bash in East Hall at 8pm.

Saturday, Aug. 20 – Outdoor activities and club fair on main campus (Gazebo area) from 1-3pm, and hypnotist Jim Wand at 7:30pm and 9:30pm in the Harriet-Johnson Auditorium of Somsen.

Sunday, Aug. 21 – Bluff Hike and treat at Lakeview Drive Inn at 1pm, and a root beer keg and lawn games at 8pm at the Cathedral Church, 360 Main Street.

This is my challenge to you: attend as many Welcome Week activities as possible, simply introduce yourself to at least one person everyday, and choose to be BOLD each day. If you follow through with at least one of those three challenges, I guarantee you will have a much better chance at finding your place here at WSU than if you don’t. Don’t miss this opportunity to find your place! I found my WSU family and home during Welcome Week. Where will you find your place? What will be the person, place, or thing you call home? How will you ever know if you never step out of your bubble? Step out, be bold and discover your home away from home.

I can call Winona my home now, and you can too!

I can call Winona my home now, and you can too.

Erin Kloepping

Move-in Day: A Step-by-Step Guide

We’re closing in on the last weeks of Summer, and that means one thing: move-in day is just around the corner; August 16 to be exact.

Students are getting their things packed up and ready to go, and it’s about time to get situated for another fantastic semester. But before you get excited, here are 10 important tips to get ahead of the move-in game and guide you through your first week:

1) Move in early


When move-in day finally arrives Tuesday, Aug. 16, the best thing to do is get started early. Students tend to move in the afternoon, so the earlier you can get moved in, the easier it will be. Housing & Residence Life states that the busiest moving times are between 9 am and 1 pm. After all, the dorms only have so many carts, and if you have a lot of stuff to move in, you’ll probably need one. Aim for the 9 am slot for an easier move. Also, there will be Welcome Crew volunteers in purple T-shirts to help with parking, checking into your room and moving your stuff. Don’t be shy, and ask for help if you need it!

2) Find your room first


When you arrive to your assigned dorm, the first thing to do is get your keys and go check out your new room. This way, you can figure out how to maneuver everything to the room, and where the best place to put things will be. Also, there’s a chance your roommate may also have already moved in, which means there’s someone who can help you with your things. Housing & Residence Life suggests allowing at least two hours to check in your room and get settled.

3) As tiring as it sounds, carry the larger things to your room first


Always bring the big things up first. Fridges, futons, furniture, TVs, and other large items should go up before any of the small stuff, like clothes or posters. This lets you lay out the room how you want it from the get go, and then, as you move the small things in, you can get everything organized at a steady rate. Speaking of large things, before you start packing your room full of your belongings, you and your roommate should assemble your lofts/organize your beds first! That always helps to get that done and out of the way.

4) Decorate


After you’ve organized and put away the bulk of your things, decorate your room a bit and make it feel like yours! You’re going to be living there for the next two semesters, so you’ll want to feel comfortable. What better way to get your comfy on than making the room feel like your own? Movie posters are great, as are pictures of friends and small trinkets. Anything that gives the room some personality is a good thing to add.

5) Socialize!


Now that you’ve got your room feeling like yours, and not like an unfamiliar dorm room, it’s time to meet the people you’ll be seeing every day for the next 8 months. Walk around your floor and see who’s moved in, strike up some conversation, hang out in each other’s newly-decorated rooms. If anyone needs help moving in or organizing stuff, offer some assistance. Starting some friendships early will only make the semester that much easier.

6) Sort out your schedule


When you get a break from all the socializing, it’s time to sort out your schedule. Make sure you write down the Orientation Week schedule so you don’t miss anything. Then, check out your class schedule. Figure out when you’ll have to be, where you’ll have to be and how long you’ll have to get to your classes. Don’t forget to pencil in some down time, because the first few weeks are a doozy.

7) Explore!


This is my favorite part. Get out of that room of yours and go outside! Take this chance to walk around campus and find where all your classes will be the following week, and figure out how long it takes you to go from your dorm to each building. This way, you can easily get from place to place with no worries about being late to anything. Also, floating around the campus lets you get a lay of the land and opens up possibilities for meeting some new people. All of the activities planned during Welcome Week will also help you get out and about!

8) EAT


Don’t forget to find some time to eat while you’re moving in. The cafeteria is open for dinner on move-in day, so if you have a meal plan, feel free to use it! There are also plenty of really good restaurants around town, especially if you like burritos. Also, don’t be afraid to invite people you meet during move-in day to eat with you! Nothing is better than bonding over food.

9) Head back to your room for relaxation


End the day back at your room for some nice end-of-day chilling. See what everyone on your floor is up to, and maybe take some time to hang out with new friends. Movies and videos games are always good choices for relaxation. Just don’t forget to leave your door open while you’re there. An open door policy is a great way to start some conversation with people walking by, and trying to be social is always the best idea.

10) Sleep


Get some rest! Your room is comfortable, all your things have been moved in, you’ve met some new peeps…all that’s left is to break in the new bed. So get some sleep, and get ready for a week full of activities and a great fall semester!

Nathaniel Nelson

Make Sure You Pokémon GO the Right Way!

If you play Pokémon GO and are moving to Winona in the fall, WSU is definitely the right school for you. You’re also in the right place if you stayed in Winona for the summer! Not only does the town offer a variety of PokéStops and gyms, including some on our campus, but the game can also get you out and about.

One of the most popular stops in town is Winona’s Veterans Memorial Park. The park offers PokéStops and gyms all in one area, not to mention a beautiful view. It is now common to see at least 20 people playing the game. However, it is important we remember that the park is not just for playing Pokémon GO and not everyone wants to “catch ‘em all.” The park is meant to honor veterans who have lost their lives and it is important players respect that. The crowds gathering in this area have attracted the city’s attention, especially after a video of an angry veteran confronting players in the park went viral.

On Monday, Aug. 1, Winona’s City Council gave unanimous approval to an amended ordinance that refers to the park as Veterans Memorial, and, according to a Winona Daily News article, “bars certain recreational activities including sports, athletics, grilling or cooking, putting up hammocks or tents, and bicycles or rollerblades in the designated memorial.”

References to Pokémon GO and the playing of electronic games were missing from the amended ordinance, and it will return to City Council for final approval.

I do play the game and I have been to the park. For the most part, people were respectful of each other and the monuments. However, some people were sitting on or against monuments. While I understand it is nice to be in the middle of three or so PokéStops, I think people can do this without using a monument as a chair.

If you do not want to play at the park, there are other options for you! As I said before, there are PokéStops and a gym located right on our campus. The picture below explains the exact places to find these stops.


Having these stops on campus make it easier to play Pokémon GO. I work on campus, so I can just hit the stops before and after work. Plus, once classes start I will be able to do the same.

Also, if you go to the stops on campus, you will have Wi-Fi! This is super nice because if you are like me, you do not have unlimited data so if you play on campus you won’t get yelled at by your mom for going over. Cell phone companies probably won’t accept “I gotta catch ‘em all” as a reason to wave the overcharge fee. Sorry, mom.

It’s also important to point out the need to be safe when playing Pokémon GO. There are many reports of people tripping and falling and even crashing cars while playing the game, leading to injuries. Also, robbers have used the game to target and lure people to various locations through Pokémon GO.

Overall, the game is very fun to play and is a good way to get outside of your dorm or apartment. It helps you explore the town and also fulfills many of our childhood dreams when it comes to Pokémon – but you have to make sure you’re playing the right way, the safe way.

So, go have fun, but be aware of your surroundings and remember to be mindful of those around you as well as your own safety.

Kayla Severson and Allison Mueller

Secondhand First: Saving Money on Clothes in College


Are you working on your new budget for this fall semester? As you’re crunching the numbers are you wondering how on earth you’ll be able to afford to update your fall wardrobe?  To start, lets say goodbye to expensive retail, and hello to secondhand shopping!

One way to make it easier to choose secondhand first when it comes to fashion is to choose to do your shopping at local thrift stores. There are many places in and near Winona for you to shop secondhand. To start, a brand new Goodwill just opened its doors in Winona! When I stepped in for the first time, I came home with a bag full of like-new clothes to add to my summer wardrobe. That’s right, a whole bag of name-brand clothes for less than $20! There’s also plenty of other great shops like the Salvation Army Thrift Store across the highway from Goodwill, and locations downtown like Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Grace Place, Restored Blessings, kate + bella and the Clothes Shop, which is a program of the non-profit Winona Volunteer Services.

Maybe the idea of buying used clothes is weird to you. If that is the case, think of secondhand shopping the way ThredUP does: secondhand shopping is simply buying clothes that are “pre-loved.”  How nice!

ThredUP is the world’s largest online resale/consignment shop. It’s a website where shoppers can browse thousands of pre-owned tops, bottoms, dresses, bags and shoes without ever leaving their couch! They sell many different styles and brands of clothing, all for affordable prices! They even have an app, so you can order your items through your smart phone or tablet. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Photo from

Photo from

But wait, the fun doesn’t end there! After all, ThredUP’s tag line is “Secondhand Clothes, Firsthand Fun.”  ThredUP not only focuses on giving customers great brands and value, they also provide an outlet for their customers to rid themselves of unwanted articles of clothing. All you have to do is go online and request a free clean out bag. The bag arrives on your doorstep, you fill it full of unwanted, name brand apparel, and then you mail it back to ThredUP. They take care of the shipping charges, too! When ThredUP receives the items, the customer receives credit to shop for other items. This is an awesome and easy way to throw out the clothes taking up space in your closet that you don’t wear often, and replacing them with something new. Moreover, with the store credit you receive, this swap may end up costing you NOTHING!

Similar to ThredUP’s system, Plato’s Closet in La Crosse does the same thing. If you are planning to take a trip to La Crosse for the day, take a minute to bag up a bunch of your unwanted clothes. You can take them in to Plato’s Closet and they will pay you for your clothes! They also have a great selection of name-brand, gently used clothing for sale. Again, you can swap your unwanted, too big, too small, or simply unworn clothes for something new!

One last idea that I want to leave you with is hosting a clothing swap with just your friends or a club/organization you’re involved in. This past year, the women’s group within my campus ministry, Chi Alpha, held a clothing swap where you brought a few pieces of clothing that you were tired of, and then you went home with a couple new items! It was a great idea, and turned out to be a great success! Once school starts, you can talk to your RA and also start a clothing swap in your dorm.

I hope these ideas help you revamp your fall wardrobe in an affordable manner! Remember to think secondhand first.

Happy shopping and swapping!

Erin Kloepping

Music to Your Ears: FREE Concerts on Campus

If you’re like me, then you appreciate food, music and trying new things. What’s even better is when all of these things are free (because we’re in college and who doesn’t love free?)! That’s why I was thrilled when I heard about Concerts on the Green. This is one of many events brought to the Winona community by the Great River Shakespeare Festival. Beginning this Friday at 5pm, there will be FREE music, yard games and food on campus in front of the PAC. It’s the first concert of the 2016 season, and I can’t think of a better way to enjoy our beautiful campus in the summer! Concerts on the Green will be on Fridays and Saturdays from 5-7pm until the end of July.

The stage for tomorrow night's concert is already set up outside the PAC and ready to go!

The stage for tomorrow night’s concert is already set up outside the PAC and ready to go!

If you’re not really into music, I still highly encourage you to attend! It’s a great opportunity to open yourself up to something new without any cost to you. So, you’re not a fan of jazz? Then you should definitely attend nights like Saturday, June 25 that feature jazz bands and music you are not particularly attuned to. Fully immersing yourself in a fun environment with live music you aren’t used to will give you a greater appreciation for different styles of music. For instance, in early high school I used to only like mainstream pop music. But when my older sister began driving me to school I was forced to listen to alternative rock in her car every day. Even though I definitely did not start out as a fan of her style of music, I ended up loving it and now that’s pretty much all I listen to. Sometimes you don’t know what you really like until you try it a few times.

I’m so happy to be spending my summer in Winona for many reasons – one definitely being Concerts on the Green. Hope to see you there!

Allison Mueller

Take Your Dad and the Fam to Steamboat Days!

Looking for something fun to do with your dad or the family over Father’s Day weekend?

Well, Steamboat Days in Winona is where it’s at. A wide range of activities for the whole family to enjoy makes Winona a great place to spend the entire weekend together, as a family! Show them around the beautiful city in which you will, or currently, attend college and enjoy Steamboat Days, which runs from Wednesday, June 15 through Sunday, June 19. A few of the scheduled events being held throughout the long weekend are a BMX bike show, craft fair, parade, the play ‘Shrek’, a pancake breakfast, concerts, and last but not least, a spectacular fireworks show. Although a craft fair might not be as appealing to a 7-year-old kid as it is to teenage girls and their mothers, there are tons of fun events planned for kids. Such as constant rides, a kid’s fishing contest, a treasure hunt, a kiddie parade and the Kids Power Pedal.

Photo of the Kiddie Parade taken from the Steamboat Days' website.

Photo of the kiddie parade taken from the Steamboat Days’ website.

However, the fun doesn’t end there. Winona is a beautiful city with endless opportunities for outdoor entertainment. Therefore, there is more to do than just the scheduled events throughout Father’s Day weekend. Maybe you wish to have a relaxing weekend with your family and desire a nice walk around the Winona Lakes or a picnic in the park. Maybe you are a bit more adventurous and want to climb to the top of Sugar Loaf with your dad or go kayaking down the Mississippi. The opportunities for entertainment and a good time with your family over Father’s Day weekend are endless in the city of Winona. If you are stumped as to what to do over Father’s Day weekend with your family, fret no more. Winona is the place to be!

Erin Kloepping

Prepare Yourself: 7 Must-Visits for Decorating Your Space


The beginning of June brings with it the start of new leases in Winona! This time brings change for many upperclassmen and sparks dorm room thoughts for incoming freshmen and those planning on living in the residence halls again. Whether you are moving to an apartment now or a dorm room in August, it can be difficult to make the place feel homey. This is especially true when you are on a budget, because we all know decorations and furniture are not cheap. Here are a few sites, stores and ideas that have helped me make myself at home in all of my living situations in my years at Winona State:

1) Pinterest 

I get most of my decorating ideas from Pinterest. Typically, you cannot buy directly from the site but they usually have some sort of link for you to track down the product. It’s also a great way to find cheap DIY projects! Keep track of sites and ideas you like by creating a specific board for your dorm, apartment, etc. to pin to. Winona State has its own Pinterest account with a range of creative and helpful boards, one being the Res Hall Decor board.

2) Dormify

Not only does this website carry some awesome decorations, but it now has a new Design Plan Generator. All you have to do is answer some questions about your style and personality and it generates themes that fit your answers.

3) Target

Target is pretty good at having reasonably priced products, give or take a rug. Plus, if you go at the right time you can get some good discounts. Last year I went in the middle of fall semester and bought lamps for 60% off! Try to avoid shopping in the summer because that’s when the prices are the highest.

4) Etsy

Honestly, I had doubts about this site at first. It is all online and products are made and sold by people you probably do not know. Like other stores, it can be pricey too. However, they have some great stuff that can be cheap and if you are willing to splurge a little there are some amazing things available.


I have this weird obsession with storage containers and organizations so IKEA is pretty much heaven for me. They have so many options, you can make it unique to you and they are pretty cheap! They also have “inspiration rooms” that workers have designed where you can see how things are set up and decorated for ideas. The only downfall is that the nearest IKEA is in the Twin Cities, but if you’re from that area you’re in luck! If not, a road trip is in order.

6) TJ Maxx

This is easily one of my favorite stores. You can find designer brands at a fraction of the price. I mean, who in college can afford to drop $400+ on just one chair? They have everything from clothes to photo albums to bedding.

7) Rummage sales/garage sales and thrift stores

I will admit, a lot of things you find at these places are either not in the best shape or are just junk, but sometimes you can find a treasure. Some things may require a little TLC and redesigning, but that just gives you an excuse to be crafty.​ Also, it’s a good idea to utilize Pinterest and other sites to get ideas for DIY projects with garage sale or thrift store items!

Kayla Severson

Tips For Tweeners: Living Between Leases


It seems like the last week or two of May is an awkward and stressful time for many students who live off campus. Leases are ending, but some new leases have not started yet. Sometimes students can be left pretty much homeless. If you are in this situation like I am, it can be a problem if you work in Winona. I am stuck between taking time off, commuting from my parents’ house and jumping between friends’ houses. But, don’t panic! Here are some tips on handling living life as a tweener:

1. Talk to your landlord

Landlords know this is a tricky time for students and if you are nice they might work with you. My landlord said he had a garage where he let my roommate store her bigger things. They may also let you move in a little early.

2. Ask if you can contact the current tenants

One of the girls living in the house I’m moving to moved out early, so they let me move my bigger stuff over.

3. Ask your friends if you can stay with them

I know some people who are house hopping or staying with other friends until they can move into their house. It’ll be like a glorified sleepover! It’d be nice to offer making them dinner or something in exchange for taking over their couch or spare room.

4. Look into living in the dorms

Moving from an apartment to the dorms is not the ideal situation but it can be fun. You’ll get to meet new people and it can be cheaper! You can pay per day you’d like to stay in a single or double room over the summer.

5. Find a good storage unit

This will save you from moving all your stuff home and back, if that’s where you decide to live between leases. Some can be pricey, but if you do your research you can find one that is reasonably priced. Also, it’s best to look into storage units a bit in advance because they fill up fast!

6. Live at home

This might not the most ideal situation for some, but hey, it’s cheap! Plus, who doesn’t like home cooked meals nearly every night?

Kayla Severson

6 Summer Study Spots

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean classes have ended! Many Warriors are still in Winona attending summer classes. For these individuals, finding the perfect study spot can be crucial to be able to focus and be productive. Some people like complete silence while studying while some like music or some kind of background noise. Here are some great study spots on and off campus for any studying location preference, especially in this beautiful summer weather!

1) Third floor of the SLC


Believe it or not, some people don’t even know this exists. It is a secluded and comfy place to get work done! It has many comfortable chairs and different tables. It’s never been loud to the point where you can’t focus. This area is cozy and awesome for working on homework when it’s rainy or too hot out.

2) Around the gazebo

There’s plenty of benches and grass to study on and get some schoolwork done in the sun. Around the gazebo is a great area to get fresh air and enjoy the weather, with reliable wifi of course!

3) Around Lake Winona


Not every college has beautiful scenery like WSU has with the bluffs and lakes. This is a super relaxing spot to crank out some studying. Bring a blanket to lay out and take advantage of the spots around the lake. There’s also free wifi, but remember that is can be spotty!

4) In a hammock


It’s a great idea to invest in a hammock and hang out on campus, or around Winona, to study! Many students have done this once the weather starts to warm up. Give it a try!

5) Outside of Blooming Grounds or Mugby Junction


Settle yourself outside one of Winona’s many coffee shops such as Blooming Grounds or Mugby Junction. These cute and comfortable spaces provide wifi and sunshine, as well as refreshers and snacks.

6) The Solarium


Located right above the Smaug, the Solarium connects to East Hall and overlooks WSU’s beautiful, green campus! Here you’ll have air conditioning, wifi and outlets, as well as that outdoor feeling and view.

Hopefully these suggestions inspire you to try out some new and awesome study spots in Winona! Also, keep in mind that the Student Union and Krueger Library are open during the summer and still serve as great areas to get studying done! The summer hours are as follows:

Student Union:
Monday-Thursday: 7:30am – 9pm
Friday: 7:30am – 6pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Krueger Library:
Monday-Thursday: 7:30am – 9pm
Friday: 7:30am – 5pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 1 – 9pm

Allison Mueller and Kassidy Jackson