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John’s Declassified Moving Out Survival Guide

As spring semester is wrapping up, it is time to think about where you’re moving to next. Whether you’re moving home for the summer, moving to summer housing on campus, or moving off campus, it’s important to move efficiently and smart!

If you’re anything like me, you want to know what you’re getting into before you get into it. And that’s okay! When it comes to moving out, it’s a bit nerve wracking. You’re balancing finals as well as trying to clean and pack up your belongings. That’s why I prepared this little guide, which is a spinoff of my guide to moving back to school posted in July, so you can make moving out less of a hassle and much easier!

Here is John’s Declassified Moving Out Survival Guide:

  1. Start packing early – a few weeks early. Start with packing things you know you won’t use the rest of the semester.
  2. Think about purchasing vacuum seal bags for storing clothes and bedding, it’ll compact everything into a nice size!
  3. Rubbermaid containers will be your best friends! Use them to contain your items! Otherwise, use boxes and start storing things.
  4. Label, label, label your boxes with what they’re containing!
  5. Make sure to sign up for a checkout time as soon as you possibly can with your RA. Don’t be that one kid who signs up late and their RA is hounding them to sign up. Be an adult and sign up early.
  6. Make sure you’re early to your checkout time. If you’re ready to go before your checkout time, see if your RA would check you out early. If your RA is like me, you’ll earn bonus points – and they’ll probably gladly check you out earlier than planned!
  7. In your res hall room, make sure your room is cleaned to the point where someone could move in the next day. If you’d have something to complain about if you were moving in the next day, it’s not clean enough.
  8. If you’re going to be late to your checkout time, let your RA know in advance. Seriously.
  9. If you have items and non-perishable food that you do not want to take with you, ask your RA where you can take those items so they can be donated to other people in need.
  10. Before you check out, if you need any work orders completed (burnt out light, etc.), make sure to let your RA know in advance!

If you have questions at all during this process, find your RA, go to the front desk of your building, or contact the Housing and Residence Life office. They’d love to help you out!

Best of luck on your finals! Have a great summer!

John Otis

9 Tips to Beat the Heat With No A/C


We’re finally breaking away from the chilly Minnesota weather and moving into the blistering heat of summer. For those of us living in the dorms or off campus with no air conditioning, we are not looking forward to this. If you are like me and struggle with the heat, here are a few tricks that can be used in any living situation to help you make it through the long days and nights with no A/C:

1) Put your sheets in the freezer before bed

Do this at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. Obviously this wont keep you cool all night but it will provide you some relief. This also works with a shirt. When I lived in the dorm my bed was lofted and I was too lazy to take my sheets off and then bring them back to bed with me so I used a shirt instead.

2) Sleep lower

Heat rises, so if you have a lofted bed try sleeping lower or on the ground if possible. This actually helps more than you think! Freshman year my roommate and I moved our mattresses to the floor for like a week because it got so hot.

3) Use Freeze Pops / Fla-Vor-Ice

You can eat these childhood-favorite popsicles or lay a bunch of them across your pillow or mattress to work as a bigger ice pack. I started doing this in the dorms and still do it today. Fact: it works best if you leave them connected so you don’t accidently drop a few between your wall and mattress.

4) Cold showers

This is one of the quickest ways to bring your body temperature down. Plus, you are also washing off all your nasty sweat from the day.

5) DIY air conditioner

I actually did not know about this until my friend told me to look into it for this blog. Basically, all you have to do is put a shallow bowl or pan full of ice in front of a fan. The breeze from the fan will pick up the coldness to create a cooler draft! Pretty neat, huh?

6) Drink a bottle of water before bed

Water will help you stay hydrated through out the night versus waking up dehydrated at three in the morning. No one wants to get out of bed in the middle of the night, especially when you are hot and sweaty.

7) Keep curtains and blinds closed

This will help block the sun from shining into your room and keep it a little cooler.

8) Cool down your pulse points first

Do this to cool down quickly. Your pulse points are your neck, elbows, wrists, behind your knees and ankles.

9) Literally do nothing

Weird concept in college, right? If I take a break longer than five minutes suddenly I’m like two weeks behind. However, if you take a few minutes to just lay on your bed all sprawled out, then your body will cool down faster. You probably need a break from all your studying anyways.

Kayla Severson

My Campus Bucket List

As my junior year of college is coming to an end, I can’t help but look back and reflect on how fast college has flown by. I have so many great memories here at Winona State, and it makes me sad that this time next year it will all be over. As I reflect, I also realize there are a lot of things I have not done yet that I think every Warrior should do before they graduate. So, here is my senior year bucket list:

1) Get a picture with Wazoo



Even though I am terrified of things in costumes.

2) Attend at least one game of each sport 


3) Go to grocery bingo more


I’m a broke college student who can win free groceries, so why not?

4) Join another club


5) Graduate with a 4.0 


6) Procrastinate less


This should be listed twice!

7) Volunteer at least one of the blood drives 


8) Go rock climbing in Wabasha Hall


9) Actually go to the career fair and hand out my resume


No more of this, “I’ll do it next time” nonsense.

10) Have a kick-butt year!


Because after it’s over, I have to become a real adult.​

Kayla Severson

Get Involved in ANAD Week!

ANAD. It stands for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. In 1976 it became the first non-profit organization for eating disorders. Although not talked about as publically, eating disorders have affected all of us in some way, whether we know it or not.

A Greek organization on WSU’s campus, Delta Phi Epsilon, hosts an event every spring known as ANAD Week. It’s a week full of events that support and raise awareness about eating disorders. Here is a list of events (with photos from previous years) that will be available to all students on campus to attend and some sisters who share what having a philanthropy such as ANAD means to them:

Sisters pose for an ANAD photoshoot.

Sisters pose for an ANAD photoshoot.

Monday, April 11

11am-2pm @ Gazebo

“Trash your Insecurities & Positivity Notes”

Sisters join together to trash their insecurities.

Sisters join together to trash their insecurities.

The sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon will be allowing students to write down anything they feel insecure about and throwing it into the garbage. Students will also be given a sticky note where they can write a friendly reminder to themselves about staying positive or to write a sweet message to a friend. This allows students to spread the love and tell themselves or someone else why they are important.

Tuesday, April 12

7pm @ Somsen Auditorium

“ANAD Vigil”

Sisters gather with guest speaker, Kristen Haglund - Miss American ’08, after their ANAD vigil two years ago.

Sisters gather with guest speaker, Kristen Haglund – Miss American ’08, after their ANAD vigil two years ago.

The vigil is one of Delta Phi Epsilon’s most intimate and powerful events during ANAD Week. There will be three special speakers who will share their firsthand stories of living with an eating disorders as well as special guest Leslie Sim from Mayo Clinic, who will talk about the unknowns of eating disorders and how to help a friend who you think may be suffering.

Wednesday, April 13

11am-2pm @ Gazebo

“Why I love Myself”

Sisters gather on campus to help spread love and positivity.

Sisters gather on campus to help spread love and positivity.

Join Delta Phi Epsilon back at the gazebo to share something that you love about yourself! There will be a giant plywood board with paint markers that you can fill with love and positivity for everyone to see!

Thursday, April 14

6:30pm @ Wabasha Gym

“Cross-fit Workout and Mindful Meditation”

Sisters enjoying a fun way to promote an important cause.

Sisters enjoying a fun way to promote an important cause.

Delta Phi Epsilon is hosting a FREE workout with CrossFit Unshackled instructor, Angie Mundt. The evening will start with a bodyweight workout and end with a session of mindful meditation. The goal of this event is to connect the strength of our bodies and the power of our minds.

Saturday, April 16

9:30am @ Jaycee Pavilion on Big Lake


A sister and her family excitedly approach the finish line during last year’s 5K event.

A sister and her family excitedly approach the finish line during last year’s 5K event.

For the last event of the week, head over to the lake for Delta Phi Epsilon’s annual 5K where you are free to walk, run, bike, or rollerblade with friends and or family! Registration will begin at 8:30am with a small fee of $5 and all proceeds go directly to the ANAD foundation. The winner of the race will receive a prize and there will be opportunities for all to win prizes through our raffle! If you would like to register yourself or a friend, please email Allie Durigan at!


Look for posters all over campus with the #IAmEnough campaign throughout the week. Sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon took photos that share their greatest trait to show that although physical beauty is the first thing we see; inner beauty is the most important thing we have. Below are three sisters who share their thoughts about ANAD Week:


Leah Reuteler ’19

“ANAD is a week of no insecurities – making everyone feel worth everything that they are beautiful in their own skin. Constantly being surrounded by those who bring positivity to your life. Finding a way to let go of any doubts you may have and loving everything that you are.”


Alannah Evelius ’17

“ANAD Week is all about being confident in yourself. Building others up. It’s about loving your body, freeing negative thoughts and embracing every ting that you are. You are not your flaws or insecurities. YOU ARE ENOUGH.”


Alexandra Durigan ’17

“ANAD Week is about taking the time to love ourselves. Too often people fall short of that, or suffer from an internal battle. It’s our goal to shed light on those who suffer from an eating disorder, to spread strength, resiliency, and a sense of being worthy to love yourself. Each and every one of us deserves self-love, because we are all enough. Together we can free our minds of self-doubt, and truly begin to love ourselves! This week goes far beyond beauty. I want to leave people feeling good about who they are, and what they have to offer this world. Join us!”

#IAmEnough #LetsRecoverTogether #EveryBODYisBeautiful

For more information and updates about upcoming events, “like” the WSU ANAD Facebook page.

Lauren Reuteler

10 Backpack Essentials For The School Week

Each person may have a different set of essentials for their backpack. Throughout the years, I’ve found these 10 things to help me out the most during the school week:

1) Pencils and pens


This one is a no brainier, but for some reason some people still seem to forget a pen or pencil. It’s always a smart idea to have a pen and pencil in another compartment in your backpack just in case your sole writing utensil happens to disappear.

2) Hand sanitizer


Having a small hand sanitizer in your backpack helps you out more than you would think. Sometimes, right before a meal, it’s inconvenient for you to go to the bathroom and wash your hands – especially when you’re on campus. But if you have this on you it’s a quick way to kill those germs.

3) Water bottle


It’s definitely important to stay hydrated during the day. It keeps you healthy and energizes you. The health benefits are endless, so make sure you’re sipping on your H2O all day!

4) Planner


Writing down future due dates and test dates is extremely helpful. Even putting events from your personal life in there is a good way to stay organized, so be sure to add your work and club schedules in there are well. Staying organized in this way will alleviate a lot of stress in your life.

5) Laptop


Besides the obvious reasons that your laptop is important (assignments, email, etc.), it’s also a way to pass time between classes or things you have to do on campus. Which leads me to…

6) Headphones


Don’t be that annoying person who forgot their headphones and decides to watch a quick Netflix episode between classes. Also, other people aren’t interested in listening to your music most of the time, so having headphones with you while on campus is essential!

7) Gum/mints


Many people don’t think about this one, but it can really help you out. Sometimes the cafeteria might serve something with not the best aftertaste and you have to meet with a group project right after. It’s convenient to keep with you just in case you really need it and don’t want to feel self-conscious all day.

8) Wallet

GQJcMKmRymDnpMtParyU_George Candy Machine

You want to keep your personal cards and money with you always, but DON’T leave your backpack unattended with these times in it. Plus, you’ll never know when you might be craving something from the vending machines between classes and need a quick dollar bill.

10) Chapstick


Don’t you hate the feeling of dry, cracked lips that you keep licking during class? Having Chapstick in your bag at all times is a great thing to remember so you don’t have to use a friends with the potential to get sick.

Now, check your backpack to make sure you have these 10 crucial things to get you through the school week!

Kassidy Jackson and Allison Mueller

Easter on Campus!

Easter is early this year and we don’t have the Friday of Easter weekend off this year. I’m lucky because I don’t have classes on Friday, but this may mess with some peoples’ travel plans. Every Easter I have had since attending Winona State, I have always stayed in Winona and I plan on staying this year as well. Easter isn’t a huge celebration for my family, but I know for others it can be a bigger deal. Regardless if you’re staying or going home for the holiday, here are some Easter activities you can partake in this week:

Spot the Easter bunny

In the afternoon on Wednesday, March 23 the Easter bunny will be driving around on campus! Keep a lookout for this Easter treat.

Annual Easter basket drawing

WSU is holding an Easter basket drawing on Wednesday, March 23 at 10am. They will notify the winners so they can pick up their Easter basket. Prizes will range from Purple Pass to WSU Bookstore-themed goodies. Plus, who doesn’t want a gift card to get another Winona State sweatshirt? This is definitely something to keep tabs on because college students always appreciate free stuff.

The Easter egg hunt has concluded!

This Easter Egg Hunt took place on Tuesday, March 22. Locations were around main and west campus, and East Lake apartment buildings. Prizes included Easter candy (I absolutely adore M&M’s), cookies, free T-shirts and water bottles. Winona State’s Snapchat gave away clues for the hunt as did WSU Update, so make sure you’re following winonastateu to stay on top of future contests!


Add Winona State on Snapchat: winonastateu

Besides WSU sponsored events, there are other ways to have a great Easter week in Winona. Something I have done in the past is getting friends together for an Easter dinner. Use the dorm kitchens or the big kitchen in your apartment to put a fantastic meal together. Home cooked meals are delicious and are worth the time and effort to put them together. If you’re not into making a feast, painting eggs is an Easter-themed activity that doesn’t require a lot of effort. Plus eggs are cheap, so this can be a really inexpensive Easter activity to do as a floor.

So, before you either head home for Easter weekend or make plans with friends who are also staying in Winona, take part in these fun Easter activities happening this week!

Mariah Kaercher (and Allison Mueller)

Get Back in the Swing of School After Spring Break!

Spring break flew by and I know most of us wish it was at least a little bit longer. But, to look on the bright side, we have less than two months of the semester left! This week we might not have much motivation since we were away from campus for over a week. But, it’s time to get back in the swing of classes and your normal schedules and routines. It might not be easy, but with a few of these pointers you should be set.

1) Stay productive

I’m a huge fan of making a list of school and non-related school tasks. Check them off as you go, and try your best to stay ahead. You might have some overwhelming moments while getting caught up and back to your everyday obligations, but you can do it!

2) Focus on what’s aheadsunglasses__sand__summer_by_lilymosca-d3r9wvc

Of course it’s fun to look back on all the great memories you made over break, but you can do that while thinking about what you have to accomplish next. Even though you might be stressed to the max with all the things you need to complete, it will all pay off when summer break rolls around. Work hard now and you’ll thank yourself later.

3. Stay positive

Sometimes it can be so easy to think you can’t handle the school load and everything else going on towards the end of the semester. But it’s so important to keep your head up and tell yourself you can accomplish it all. Even though the list of things to do might be piling up, if you’re wise with your time you can get your work done.

4) It’s okay to take a break after your break relax-955798_960_720

With all the things you have to, it’s still okay to treat yourself and relax during your day. Sometimes you need time to just do nothing so your mind can take a timeout from all the daily tasks and stress. So either take some time for yourself, or do something with your friends! A mental break in any way is needed at this point in the game.

Welcome back Warriors, and enjoy the rest of your spring semester!

Kassidy Jackson

5 Activities to Save For a Rainy Day

Spring is approaching and with the beautiful days there will also be some rainy days to come. You may be searching for some new and fun things to do to pass the time in the dorms when you can’t go out to enjoy the weather. I want to share some electronic-free time passers you can do when you’re not watching Netflix…it may be a good idea to give your eyes a break from the screen for a bit!

1) Card games


There are so many different and fun card games you can play with your roommates or with a group of friends. Whether it’s just Go Fish because that’s a classic or learning how to play Blackjack, the options are endless. I only know a handful of card games and feel like I have a lot to learn.

2) Break out a board gameboard-games

You may not have any in your dorm room, but I know several different residence halls that have board games you can check out to play. I recommend The Game of Life, my personal favorite, or Trouble. Check in with your front desk to see what they have to offer!

3) Arts and crafts


No, arts and crafts aren’t just for little kids. They can actually be a great time and you may love the result. Something I’ve been wanting to try is getting a blank canvas and painting my favorite quote on it to hang up in my dorm room. There are tons of Pinterest painting ideas to inspire you, but if you don’t consider yourself artistic, that’s fine too! There are plenty of other crafts online to choose from.

4) Bake something


The ultimate chocolate chip cookie n’ Oreo fudge brownie bar from

There are a ton of delicious recipes online to try. One of my favorites is a chocolate chip, Oreo and fudge brownie bar – the recipe is so simple! All you basically need is chocolate chip cookie dough, Oreos and brownie mix.

5) Coloring books


Okay, I know all college students must miss these – I know I do! Go out to buy some new markers or crayons. There are several adult coloring books you can find on Amazon or Michaels. They can be a relaxing and stress relieving way to pass the time.

Kassidy Jackson

From Frozen to The Godfather: Best Movies to Binge Watch


Cold, gloomy, wintery days are a perfect excuse to snuggle up with a cup of hot chocolate, cuddle up in your favorite blanket and watch movies. Some of my favorite memories from my time spent in the dorms were with my friends binge watching movies. We’d spend our Saturdays, Sundays and sometimes weeknights eating popcorn, cookie dough or Topperstix crammed between two twin beds and a futon. I think we watched every old school classic, comedy, romance or animated film under the sun. With one of the biggest award shows, The Oscars, taking place this weekend (Feb. 28), I felt it necessary to list some of the best movies to binge watch. These are just my opinion, and also keep in mind if I named every movie I loved the list would last about 20 pages long, but here are some that stick out in my mind.


The first may be a bit biased because I’ve read the book series four times and have seen every movie at least three times because this series will always be my favorite: Harry Potter. Ron, Harry, and Hermione became my three best friends during the series. If HP isn’t your style, good alternatives include The Hunger Games, Lord of The Rings, Star Wars, or Twilight (Not my favorite but my roommates love it).


Another one of my favorites is Back to The Future where Marty McFly travels 30 years into the past to make sure his high school aged parents unite. Another good movie I’d suggest as an alternative is Wayne’s World, which inspired my Halloween costume for this year, Austin Powers, Zoolander, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Dumb and Dumber.

This next movie I can’t count the number of times we watched but it never got old: Frozen. Who doesn’t love a good movie with a Disney princess who isn’t saved by a man, but her sister? Other goodies would be any Disney movie!


I have a love-hate relationship with scary movies but most of the time, I can’t get enough of them. My all time favorites are the Paranormal Activity series. They scare me every time. I also like Insidious, The Conjuring, and The Blair Witch Project.

Love stories next, and there are many, many I could name because most movies involve some sort of romance. I don’t have one favorite but many: The Titanic, The Notebook (had to list this one), Slumdog Millionaire, Along Came Polly, Hitch, or any Nicholas Sparks movie.


Another category I have is what I call movies that will blow your mind or throw you for a loop. I also had my roommate put in her suggestions for this one and we have some good ones: Shutter Island, The Sixth Sense, American Beauty, Premonition, and Déjà vu.


Other movies that I highly suggest and can’t think of a bad comment to make about them include American Sniper, Fast and Furious, Pride and Prejudice, Secret Life of Bees, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Woman in Gold, The Godfather, Imitation Game, The Dark Knight, Saving Private Ryan, It’s a Wonderful Life, Goodwill Hunting, The Princess Bride, Cast Away and so many more.

So, grab some friends or have a relaxing night by yourself and tackle some of these must-sees!

Hannah Peterson

I Love WSU Week: Thank You, Donors!


Events were held all week to celebrate I Love WSU Week!

If you haven’t noticed, this week on campus I LOVE WSU and I AM HERE BECAUSE OF DONORS tags were plastered all over the place in recognition of I Love WSU Week. This week has been really crucial in trying to educate students and to also be proud of this awesome school. I love WSU Week is all about school pride and also respecting the people who helped make this institution better. There have been so many events that have been going on this week and I’m proud to say that I have been involved in them. This is something new that WSU is trying to do to promote why giving back is critical to WSU’s success.

Alumni Relations is the department that hosts I love WSU Week. Reconnecting with alumni helps to forge that relationship with past graduates. It shows that the university cares about the alumni’s well being and their success after graduation. Besides I Love WSU Week, Alumni Relations also throws alumni events to reconnect alumni from various graduation years.

Snapchat-1599384203133112181-1 copy

You’d be surprised at what’s at WSU because of donors! Tags were placed all over campus to recognize donors this week.

For I Love WSU Week, I participated in the Get The Scoop On Philanthropy event. On Wednesday, Feb. 17, I recruited people into writing thank you notes to donors. Writing a thank you is a very simple way to show how much you appreciate what someone has done. The Integrated Wellness Complex (IWC) was funded entirely on donations and generous people willing to give back. I can’t imagine going to WSU without having the IWC because it’s so integral to my Exercise Science major. Of course, it helped that we had free ice cream after you filled out a thank you card, but it’s important that students know that our donors are recognized for giving back.

12742256_10205882282284967_7110941220533678441_n copy

Students received free ice cream after writing a thank you card to donors at the Get The Scoop On Philanthropy event during I Love WSU Week.

I’m passionate about the success of this university, and participating in I Love WSU Week has inspired me to want to give back after I graduate. I happily paraded around the Smaug recruiting people to write thank you notes. The WSU Foundation has helped me incredibly in my journey throughout college so I try and educate about the foundation to other students, which is why I participated in this event.

If I’m on campus next year, depending on where my internship will be, I will happily participate in this event again. I love being able to educate students on how to give back and how to help future students. It’s cool to talk to others who had no idea how fortunate they are for the alumni who stepped up and donated their time and funding to WSU. I love WSU and this week was very much needed for the student body and faculty.

Mariah Kaercher